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Elevated formulas with ingredients that enhance our hero ingredient - CBD.

We strongly believe in the effectiveness or "entourage effect" - the belief that CBD is more powerful in the teamwork of the whole plant's many active cannabinoids. Because of this, all of our skincare products are formulated with Full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, and our Wellness Collection is formulated with Broad-spectrum hemp-derived Nano CBD (the whole plant without the THC) 


While CBD is our hero ingredient, it is not the only superstar ingredient in our line. We carefully select powerful and potent plant magic ingredients, extracts, and botanicals that enhance and complement the benefits of CBD.

Our skincare formulas are infused with powerful botanicals like Licorice Root, Carrot Seed, Kakadu Plum, Ginger Root, Bearberry Extract, and Squalane - proven to effectively target hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and acne scarring.

And our Wellness Collection is powered by Adaptogens, Functional mushrooms, and Superfoods- intended to keep you glowing from the inside-out!

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the beauty of the whole plant 

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