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Natural Skin Care
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About Us

At NFZD Beauty, we're committed to providing whole plant skincare and wellness, that is not only elevated - but simplified. By sourcing the highest quality ingredients and lab-tested plant extracts- our products are created with commitment, care, and always with YOU in mind.

Our mission

At NFZD Beauty, we're not only committed to creating high-performance and effective skincare and wellness products, but also to holding space, representation, and inclusion in the CBD Beauty space. In an industry that has for far too long, not included, marketed, or spoken to Black women - we're here to change the narrative. 

We're proud to announce our partnership with the amazing non-profit organization; Jenesee Center, Inc donating a portion of every sale to its mission of providing intervention, prevention, and resources to survivors and families impacted by domestic violence. A commitment very near and dear to us here at NFZD Beauty. We hope that this commitment will help make an impact on changing lives. 

Learn more about Jenesse Center, Inc and its mission here.

meet Our founder
Briggitta Hardin is a Mother, and Howard University alumna. She lives outside of Washington, DC with her Fiancé, three children, and two Pit Bull pups. 

Hey beauty,

When I discovered CBD a few years ago, I was so intrigued by it, that I immersed myself into researching the health benefits of the cannabis extract.

I found it to have incredible effects on our skin. When I launched my first CBD line in 2018  - I was constantly reminded of the lack of diversity and inclusion in the rising CBD space. 


And so, I  went back to the drawing board and created NFZD Beauty to change that narrative. I spent years researching and developing CBD-infused formulas that directly spoke to the needs of melanated skin. Elevated formulas that not only revealed healthy and glowing skin, but also tackled the unique skin concerns that we, women of color face. 


Since discovering CBD, I have grown immensely passionate about whole plant beauty, and the importance of self-care. Creating NFZD Beauty gave me a safe space to grieve the loss of my sister, Monterae Hardin, who in 2018, lost her life tragically to domestic violenceBuilding this brand saved me; researching and formulating were therapeutic. Finally focusing on my self-care journey became the healing that I so desperately needed. 

It is my hope that NFZD Beauty becomes your go-to skincare + wellness brand that not only transforms your skincare routine, but also your self-care journey!


I couldn't find CBD skincare that spoke to the needs of our I decided to create it. 

xoxo, Briggitta

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